• Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro's special forces detain another deputy

A group of deputies has remained today in front of the Helicoid, sinister headquarters of the political police of Nicolás Maduro, to demand the freedom of his companion Gilber Caro and his assistant, the journalist Víctor Ugas. The two opponents, both former political prisoners, were captured on Friday by a command of the Special Forces of the Police (FAES), considered by the United Nations as the "extermination battalions" of the revolution . It was a joint operation in which police, national guards and agents of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) also participated.

"They intercepted them violently. The deputy was beaten as well as the journalist, who is part of his team. They were coming out to eat a pizza, very close to the place where they were intercepted. Gilber Caro had told us that he felt for days that he they were following. He, who has nothing to hide, is one day later in forced disappearance, "deputy Adriana Pichardo, a militant such as Caro de Voluntad Popular (VP), Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López's party, denounced in front of the Helicoid.

The most paradoxical part of this chain of events is that the parliamentarians who were protesting today were running risks similar to Caro's, given the orderly hunting and capture from the Miraflores Palace against the members of the democratic Parliament. Chavismo tries by all means to prevent the momentous vote of January 5 in the chamber, on which it is planned to decide the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly (AN).

The mother of the Venezuelan deputy Caro.

The also president in charge currently has 92 votes in his favor when he needs at least 84 so that there is the quorum necessary to start the session. The AN reformed its regulation to allow the vote of exiles via Skype, but the Government intends to prevent it as it is. With the capture of Caro there are two incarcerated deputies, about thirty those who remain in exile and a dozen who are wanted to suffer the same fate.

The Office of the High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, joined the voices that resonated among the organizations that defend human rights. The UN expressed concern about the new arrests, demanded respect for their rights and criticized the wave of threats against the democratic Parliament. In more blunt terms, the OAS and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights spoke. Hours earlier it was the European Union that condemned the illegal break-in of the immunity of the persecuted deputies .

Precisely, it was Bachelet who won the freedom of Caro, one of the favorite victims of the revolution, days before his trip to Caracas this year. This is the third political imprisonment of the VP deputy, whose parliamentary immunity is absolutely useless.

The operation of the so-called "green briefcases" continues in parallel to the revolutionary harassment. In the last hours the expulsion of the deputy Kelly Perfect, dissident of Chavismo, of the group that currently sheltered her has been made public. "The dignity that I have maintained has allowed many people I want from my family to go to bed on an empty stomach," said the deputy during a WhatsApp conversation with a political partner. Her former head of ranks accuses her of having received 50,000 euros, although she says she remains against Maduro.

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