Libyan Al-Wefaq government forces announced that they had expelled Haftar militants from the Dawoun area of ​​Tarhuna city. While the government requested military support from five countries that it described as a friend, several people were killed by an Emirati bombing of the city of Sirte.

The Operation Berkane Fury, affiliated with the Libyan government of Al-Wefaq, said, "Today, its Tarhuna Protection Forces expelled Haftar forces from the Al-Dawoun area, east of Tarhuna."

Al-Ahrar Libya channel reported Friday evening that Al-Wefaq government forces have achieved the goals of their military operations in the vicinity of Tarhuna.

Tarhuna is located 90 km southeast of Tripoli, and is considered the largest city supporting Haftar in the Libyan west.

The Libyan newspaper "Al-Marsad" supporting Haftar quoted unidentified sources as saying that Haftar's forces launched ten air strikes on Al-Wefaq militants in Al-Dawoun, confirming the withdrawal of these forces towards the city of Maslata, east of Tripoli.

A military source from Al-Wefaq forces said to the island that they launched an attack on the locations of Haftar forces in the Yarmouk and Khallet Al-Furjan hubs and appointed Zara, south of the capital, Tripoli.

Emirati bombing
In another development, the spokesman for the Sirte Government’s Protection and Insurance Force, Sirte, said that five of the Protection Force were killed and two wounded in an air strike by an Emirati airliner.

He added to the island that this shelling coincides with the mobilization and movements in the east of the city of Sirte, specifically in the region of the nineties and Umrah, in an attempt by Haftar's forces to advance towards the city.

Two days ago, a Libyan government military force announced the death of one of its members and the injury of three others, in a bombing carried out by the United Arab Emirates' drone aircraft operating in western Sirte.

In early November, three members of the same force were injured, as a result of an aerial bombardment carried out by Emirati aircraft, a supportive march for Haftar.

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Message to friends
In the same vein, the National Accord government asked five friendly countries to help repel the attack by forces loyal to Haftar.

The media office of the government stated that "Prime Minister of the National Accord Fayez al-Sarraj addressed letters to the heads of five countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Italy, Algeria and Turkey."

He explained that he called "these friendly countries to activate the security cooperation agreements, in order to repel the aggression that the capital Tripoli is exposed to from any armed groups operating outside the state's legitimacy."

He said that this request comes "in order to maintain social peace and to achieve stability in Libya."

This request comes less than one day after the government of National Accord announced "approval to activate" a memorandum of military cooperation signed recently with Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently stated that he is ready to send his soldiers to Libya in support of the Saraj government, if the latter requests that.

Since April 4, the vicinity of the capital, Tripoli, has witnessed armed battles after Haftar's forces launched an offensive to control it.