In SVT's Year with the Royal Family, Prince Daniel tells how his kidney problems were discovered by chance when he was x-rayed after an injury he received during a football match. The transplant itself was done ten years ago.

- Then I was really sick. It was not a positive period in life. Immediately after the operation, I felt really good - it was like getting a new life from one day to another, says Prince Daniel.

“Feel free to give all organs to their children”

In the Year with the Royal Family, Prince Daniel visits Alexander Rydgren, who a week earlier received a new kidney from his mother Charlotta Tillbom.

- There are few things that are such a big decision, yet so simple, says Charlotta Tillbom.

- Exactly. You give all your organs to your children, Prince Daniel replies.

Strikes a beat for the donation register

The prince thinks that if you are willing to receive an organ yourself, or want someone in the family or circle of friends to receive an organ if needed - then it is reasonable that you yourself are prepared to set up.

- Just enter the donation register. It may take a minute - as fast as possible - and it is about saving lives.

Here you can register for the donation register: The National Board of Health and Welfare's donation register.

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