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Military reinforcements to Tripoli .. Al-Zintan is the seventh Libyan city to declare the defense in defense of the capital


The western city of Zintan declared the state of al-Nafir al-General in defense of the capital Tripoli in the face of a military campaign launched by Haftar forces, while the fighting axes in Tripoli received new military reinforcements.

The move came after the declaration of municipal and military councils in the cities of western Libya, including Zliten, Al-Zawiya, Kabao, Al-Raheebat, Al-Khums and Musallat, the state of emergency, and harnessing all capabilities at the state’s disposal to resolve the battle of Tripoli and defeat the militias of retired Major General Khalifa Hifter, adhering to the choice of the civil state and rejecting individual rule.

The Supreme Council of Senate and Elders of Zintan said in a statement that it blesses and supports "the bold and national decisions of cities and tribes from all over our country to mobilize and harness all military and civil capabilities in order to respond to the aggression against Tripoli and eradicate its roots."

He added that the city of Zintan, with all its military, civil and social components, its deputies, its members in the State Council and the active forces in it, declared a state of alert from the first day of the attack on the capital, harnessed all its military and civilian capabilities, supported the military and political leaders, and was still under the call of the nation.

The Council pointed out that it had taken it upon itself to restore the ranks in the western region, and communicated with its cities and villages in several rounds, and the result of which was statements supporting the legitimate government and rejecting the militarization of the state.

The Misurata battalions are the striking force and the backbone on which the Al-Wefaq government relies in its line of defense from the capital, south of Tripoli, where armed clashes are taking place.

The armed battalions belonging to Misurata were the first in the forces to confront Hifter's convoy when he attacked Tripoli on the fourth of April.

Reinforcements to Tripoli
On the other hand, the Libyan capital, Tripoli, woke up today, Tuesday, to the sounds of heavy artillery shells targeting the positions of Haftar's forces.

Anatolian correspondent quoted a military source affiliated with the Libyan government, preferring not to be named because he is not authorized to declare to the media, that what is being heard now is the targeting of the militant concentrations of Haftar south of Tripoli.

The source added that the Al-Wefaq forces sent military reinforcements Monday (the nature of which was not clarified) to several axes south of Tripoli, after declaring several cities, including Misurata, the state of al-Nafeer to defend the capital.

The Al-Wefaq forces announced, through a statement, that the reinforcements had arrived from its central military zone.

These developments come in light of broad popular solidarity with the Libyan government in the face of the Haftar forces aggression against the capital.

Hifter announced last Thursday, and after 8 months of his forces ’failure to storm the Libyan capital, the decisive battle began to advance towards the heart of Tripoli, without any new developments on the ground.

Haftar had previously issued similar announcements more than once, without fulfilling what he had promised, and when the attack on Tripoli began on April 4, his forces claimed that they would take control of the capital in 48 hours, but his attack was still faltering.

The Haftar attack on Tripoli canceled the efforts of the United Nations to convene a dialogue conference between the Libyans.

Source: aljazeera

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