Paris (AFP)

The secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, estimated Monday that the government would make "a deep political error if it persists" on the "age of equilibrium" of 64 years, in full mobilization against its pension reform project .

On this age measurement whose stated objective is to maintain the financial balance of the regime, "the government is making a profound error in terms of social justice and also a profound political error if it persists," insisted the union leader. on Franceinfo.

Can the government "let go" on this issue? "I don't know, but it would be foolish not to do so," said Berger, who called a strike and demonstration Tuesday to protest the specific point, which he called a "wart" on the project. of a universal point retirement system which his confederation also defends.

While we are still waiting to know when it will be received, alongside Unsa and the CFTC in Matignon, the head of the first French union assured that he had "exchanges with the advisers" since his telephone exchange with Édouard Philippe Thursday.

Laurent Berger gave as an example "people who work today in all professional sectors but in particular in metallurgy, in building and public works, in the food industry (...) which, in 2022, will have all their quarters, just as it is necessary "but who" will be obliged to work in 2022 four months more, in 2023 eight months more, in 2024 one more year ".

"The question of the balanced budget of pensions does not interest us", he assured, but "in the framework of future governance" and not "imposed" by the government.

Laurent Berger once again pleaded for a "truce" in the Christmas transport strike. "I hope" that the CFDT-Cheminots, engaged since December 5 in the movement, will observe this truce, he said.

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