There are more than 1,000 educational places throughout the country, divided into five different educational places, and many will be left empty. Only the relatively new start-up education in Borås fills their seats.

The police training in Umeå has 225 places, but only 88 people are admitted to the spring term. 50 of these are places at a distance and that education is full. The empty chairs can be found on what is known as campus education.

"Unfortunately, these are very low numbers and that is worrying," says Daniel Skog, director of police education.

Many vacations in Umeå

The reason why the education in Umeå has more vacancies than the other programs think Daniel Skog depends on the demographics. Since there are vacant places all over the country, it is far too many to move north.

- Unfortunately, we have seen that most of the vacations end up here, he says.

Redo the assumption

From the turn of the year, the admission process to the police training will be changed. Previously, there have been two shorter application periods, after New Year you can apply at any time during the year.

- The time between the application and the admission notice will also be significantly reduced, from 30 weeks to approximately 30 days, says Mattias Dejke, national growth coordinator for the Police Authority on the police website.