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Vox prepares changes to feminize its image and shake off the men's match label. The formation of Santiago Abascal wants to promote more women to its front line and that Rocío Monasterio is not practically the only female face that appears before the media and the majority of its voters.

Since its emergence in the eyes of public opinion, just 13 months ago, all the prominence has fallen to a small group of four leaders. Three men: Santiago Abascal, Javier Ortega Smith and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. And a woman: Rocío Monasterio. The four have carried all the weight.

Now there is a new scenario. Vox has become the third political force and has 52 deputies in Congress, which implies that the fronts it must attend have multiplied, but also the opportunities for public communication and exposure. So he needs to spread the game and widen his payroll. An opportunity that, in addition to serving to promote new profiles such as that of the leader Jorge Buxadé , is also used to accommodate more women in the front line, according to Vox sources.

We must mention names such as Patricia Rueda , Rocío de Meer , Lourdes Méndez , Reyes Romero or María Ruiz . Some, in fact, have already begun to participate in television gatherings. Special mention should be made of Macarena Olona, ​​who is consolidating herself in the league of the main Vox spokespersons since last April held the position of general secretary of the parliamentary group of the Congress. What has made her a person of the absolute confidence of Abascal.

The maxim of the medium is the prime message today in political communication, so it is relevant to emphasize that Vox has two crucial fronts for its future that go through issues that have to do with women.

The majority of voters are men

On the one hand, Vox is the national party that presents a greater gap between its voters because of their sex. The vast majority are men and, according to different studies and analyzes, it is estimated that only one third are women. Therefore, the challenge of the party regarding the future seems obvious: it is urgent to grow in the female electorate. One way to connect with him is to see the women represented and with voice. Differentiation of profiles helps to empathize with certain niches or age groups.

This links with the second front that Vox has to attend to. Is there a brake for which women do not vote for Vox? Everything indicates that it is and that it is its controversial position on gender violence. His belligerent stance against the law is labeled "macho" by leftist formations, but also from the PP or Citizens.

Although Vox defends itself by pointing out that his speech is "manipulated" and "misrepresented" by parties and the media, the truth is that his underlying message about violence has difficulties in convincing voters. Also exacerbated by the outbursts or the braking passes in which Vox has been involved many times.

That there were more women, and not so many men, transmitting their message about "macho" violence could help the party to explain or move through such sensitive terrain. Well, the empathy and predisposition of the listener is usually different. The ways of the speaker, in most cases, too.

To alleviate the deficit of women spokespersons or with a public profile is something that we had to face Podemos, when that group of five founders was composed of only one woman, Carolina Bescansa, but that emphasized being presented as a feminist party.

Detected the lack, We made an effort to promote several profiles at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 - it broke in May. Some of them seem to have always been there. But no. Specifically, it is what happened with Irene Montero, which was launched that December in a gathering in La Sexta .

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