• Report: The Education Agency, another entity of the expendable Board
  • Audits: The Andalusian Government detects "duplicities" and "waste" in the 12 entities analyzed by the Intervention

The Andalusian Government of the PP and Citizens is consolidating the so-called parallel administration inherited from the previous executives of the PSOE, despite the fact that it promised to "rationalize it" and that it keeps an auditing process open for that purpose.

The Official Gazette of the Board ( BOJA ) of last December 11 informs of the resolution of the Andalusian Public Education Agency ( APAE ) that announces the public announcement to fill eight jobs of managerial personnel to occupy the provincial managements of this agency , which is part of the conglomerate of entities, public companies and foundations of the parallel administration .

Precisely, the education agency is one of the expendable entities of the Board, since its functions could be perfectly assumed by the Ministry of Education, providing it with the appropriate staff, according to the report known at the end of last April that prepared the General intervention of the Board on this and other 11 Andalusian instrumental entities.

This agency depends on the Ministry of Education and Sports led by Javier Imbroda , counselor appointed by Citizens. When this entity was analyzed by the General Intervention, it had a workforce of 168 workers distributed between the central services and the eight provincial administrations.

It was created in 2004 under the name of the Andalusian Public Entity of Infrastructure and Educational Services, with the objective of carrying out the management of educational infrastructure and other complementary services of non-university education. Then they added more tasks and currently has a budget of 500 million euros.

As reported by EL MUNDO on May 5, the General Intervention said in the conclusions of its report that the APAE Agency "does not constitute the most suitable means for fulfilling the purposes for which it was created, because it does not have a legal regime special that makes it more advantageous, does not act for reasons of public safety or urgency or the actions carried out involve special complexity. "

Salaries of 52,595 euros per year

Despite this, the education agency intends to hire eight executives with a fixed annual compensation for each of them of 52,595.99 euros per year and another 7,172.44 euros maximum in variable annual compensation. Applicants for the position are required "university training, experience in the public or private sector, management skills, coordination and personnel management, social skills, high motivation, involvement and loyalty with the Education Agency, high customer orientation and the results, good capacity for group work and a high commitment to public service, "says BOJA.

Sources of the Ministry of Education told EL MUNDO that the convening of the eight positions of provincial managers does not mean increasing the structure of the agency, because they were positions that already existed but were vacant. Almost all the Andalusian provinces were without a manager since last May, when the new Government ceased those responsible for the PSOE. In Cádiz they have been without a manager for a year and a half.

The work carried out by this agency - the sources of the Board pointed out - "is not acceptable by the Ministry" at the moment because it lacks the necessary technical staff and does not have the capacity to manage the educational infrastructure and the dining rooms of the schools, among others matters that the agency handles. However, Education "assumes" what the General Intervention points to about its agency.

Moreover , Education has closed another entity that depended on its structure, the Andalusian Agency for Educational Evaluation ( Agaeve ), which has meant an annual saving of 580,000 euros. Its functions have been assumed by the Directorate General for Planning and Evaluation within the Ministry. Only the previous director of Agaeve charged 74,000 euros.

In addition, the Executive of the PP and Cs maintains that since they are governing they have closed a hundred instrumental entities of the PSOE stage, including dozens of Territorial Units of Employment and Local and Technological Development. The dissolution of these units, already without activity, began almost a decade ago.

The union critics

Meanwhile, the convening of eight management positions in the education agency has generated "amazement and outrage" in the Union of Officials of the Board ( Safja ). The Andalusian government "ignores the audit that they sold by hype and saucer last May, and seven months later they throw it in the trash to continue to prime the parallel administration ," denounced Carlos Ezequiel Sánchez Morales , coordinating president of Safja.

For this union, the Government has installed itself in the "permanent lie" in relation to the parallel administration , because "they are not eliminating the so-called administrative fat, nor do they end the plug-in within the framework of chiriguitos created during the socialist regime." Moreover, they are "making this administration fatter with the signing of new managers, with salaries around 60,000 euros, for totally expendable agencies," as the General Intervention warned, Sanchez recalled.

For its part, the Board expects that audits of public entities will be ready in the first half of 2020. From there, "decisions will be made, which may be of any kind", including mergers, reductions or "optimizations."

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