Most of us do it around the age of 65: permanently closing the office door behind us and retiring. In the section Retired we ask pensionados about their lives after a paid job: have they been eagerly awaiting it or not? Will you manage to make ends meet, and where does all this new free time go? This week Hans Kristel, who started his career at the age of 15.

Who: Hans Kristel (66)
With Retirement : At 60
After: 45 years with an American automation company

Hans, we grumble too much about retirement age, funds and premiums, you think.

"Yes. I have never had it as financially as well as I am now. A lot of complaints are being made, but pension plans are not always negative!"

Tell me, how good are you in the weak laundry?

"My pension started counting from the age of fifteen, because then I started working. I just came from the lts (primary technical school, ed.) Roles and was hired at an American company. When I started at the company, electric made typewriters, with an electric motor and later mainly everything for automation was made: hardware, software and services and that all over the world, I learned everything that was needed, I went through every course and evening school. only to be counted from your 25th birthday, but then I had already built up a pension for ten years with my employer! I receive about 3,000 euros in net pension, since a few months also AOW and I work one day a week as a truck driver. "

"" My motto is: if time is money, then everyone lives above their means. "Hans Kristel

You stopped at the age of 60. Why?

"There was a redundancy scheme and then I also raised my finger. I was to be paid for another two years, and the pension premium also continued. I only had to hand in my laptop, lease car and telephone. No problem, because I took my job often come home. "

"In the beginning we thought it was quite a thing, a boss's laptop. But before you know it, you are still working in the evening at 11 p.m. Overtime was not paid. Only when I stopped did I realize how tough the last one was years before me. I was getting slower and slower and I noticed that after a year the boys who came after me started to hand out the sheets. You get slower as you get older. "

And so: driving trucks!

"Yes, that always seemed like a lot to me, so I got my driver's degrees, worked for a payroll company for a while, and now I work for one day a week for a transport company that paid for my education and extended my diplomas. I am flexible, they and that is why it works, I really have to have something to do Monday a newspaper, Tuesday a puzzle is fine, but on Wednesday I get annoying! I drive around the region, and I am always home in the evening. in transport and so I receive a little salary in addition to pension and AOW. "

"Only when I stopped did I realize how tough the last years have been for me." Hans Kristel

"I have looked at volunteer work and cycling in my area is being done for a good cause. That seemed perfect. But it turned out to be non-committal; I had to fill in a spreadsheet with my availability and wasn't allowed to cancel. no sense in. Moreover, you also keep workplaces occupied. "

And the future?

"My motto is: if time is money, then everyone lives above their means. Time is the most important thing. I used to go to weddings, now to funerals. I make sure I spend my time well. My wife is younger and still working "But we are planning another long journey to New Zealand or Canada. We should do that now, because at 80 you can't do that anymore."