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M5s, Di Maio presents the "Team of the Future" and the 24 facilitators


"Necessary States General to rewrite the future", says the leader of the Pentastellatos at the presentation in Rome of the working group, the thematic referents, of the new organization of the 5 Star Movement

  • M5S: Rousseau ok to six facilitators, 84.6%


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 15 December 2019The re-launch of the 5 Star Movement starts from the Temple of Adriano in Rome where Luigi Di Maio presented the team of 24 facilitators, the "Team of the Future", the thematic referents of the new organization of the 5 Star Movement with a program for the next three years. Davide Casaleggio is also present at the Temple of Hadrian.

"Tonight with this event we can close a first step of a reorganization process started almost a year ago and it was not easy. The year that is about to end is the year in which the Movement has reached ten years. We are the only force a policy that allows the members to decide directly, even if they form the government. The only ones to conceive a participated program, to make it become a government program ". These were the words used by the leader of M5S Luigi Di Maio, to present the "Team of the Future" at the Temple of Hadrian.

"Today with the birth of the 'Team of the Future' we allow the Movement to think about the next ten years, facing the complexity of the period we are experiencing", continued Di Maio. The facilitators' team has been voted on Rousseau: they will support the political leader of the M5s. "This team" observes "is not the panacea for all ills, it is the first step".

By January regional facilitators, then General States
The goal of the facilitators "is that everything we think must be translated into initiatives to aggregate people and minds, our goal is to give birth to the best idea to solve the problems of the Italians. By the third week of January we will have the regional facilitators, who they are the second step of the reorganization "observing, then that after this second phase it will be the turn of the" States General of the Movement to plan the next twenty years of Italy ".

Team of the Future to translate into proposed ideas of the territories
"We have not always had a person who could take care of giving the vision for the next ten years of the single theme. Since we are in government there are so many of our elect who say 'we have a theme, let's develop it together." We want to be able to bring people together , to involve them to translate the many proposals in the territories into concrete ideas ", continued Di Maio. "Everything we think must be translated into an initiative on the territory to bring people together. Our aim is to produce the best idea to solve the problems of Italians". Then: "In each Region we will create training events for the Movement and all citizens who want to take advantage of personalities to learn more about the public administration, the new digital technologies. We will do ongoing training".

States General to rewrite the future
With the States General "we will be able to write a new charter of the values ​​of the M5S. I believe in it strongly, at the end of these three steps we will have rendered a service to Italy. In the end it will benefit the Italians. In January, when we will have to put a hand to a new Government agreement, the role of this team will be crucial ", assured the political leader 5 Stars.

"We the only ones to talk about issues, save non-bank savers"
"We are the only ones who continue to talk about issues in this country. The debate is held mostly on the ways and not on the issues. We are always the only ones who continue to talk about the individual issues, that we must not save the bankers but the savers ".

"From tomorrow I will no longer be alone"
The political leader of the Pentastellati has then expressed his personal feeling. "In these years I have felt very lonely and when you are alone you make the decisions alone because it is difficult to share them: from today also sharing the choices of government will be easier and it will be what will change the Movement in the next 10 years. This is not a point of arrival but a starting point, our great challenge ".

Source: rainews

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