On Wednesday evening, unknown persons burned the house of former Bahraini officer Yasser Al-Jalahma in the western Riffa district of the Bahraini capital, Manama.

Video clips obtained by Al-Jazeera showed that Al-Jalahmah’s house was on fire, and an eyewitness said that two unknown persons stopped their car in front of the house and then entered the garden moments before the fire occurred.

So far, there has been no report from the police about the cause of the fire, but sources in the Al-Jalahmah family said that the police informed them that they were conducting investigations and collecting photos of surveillance cameras to determine the cause of the accident.

One of the most prominent witnesses in the island investigation, "Players with Fire" that was broadcast on the "What is Hidden Greatest" program, was Yasser Al-Jalahmeh, who held the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Bahrain Defense Force.

Al-Jalahmah testified for the first time about what happened in the 2011 events at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, and was then leading the special military division that dispersed the sit-in.

Yasser Al-Jalahmah's testimony within the program of what has hidden has caused the greatest controversy and reactions inside and outside Bahrain, and Al-Jalahmah said that after that he was subjected to several threats to appear in the investigation.