Thailand Election Management Committee Pleasant opposition party alleged to dismantle December 15 5:17


Regarding the opposition party, which has made great strides in the election for civilian transfer in Thailand, the Thai Election Commission has appealed to the Constitutional Court to dismantle the party for allegedly receiving more funds than the law. The opposition party has been repulsed by demonstrations in the center of Bangkok.

The Thai opposition party, the New Future Party, moved away from military affairs in an election for the return to civilian government in March, gathered support mainly by young people, but made a breakthrough in the third party.

However, the Election Commission of Thailand said that the new future party from Tanatone, who is the leader of the party, will provide 680 million yen, which is significantly higher than the 36 million yen in Japanese yen, which is the annual donation of individuals permitted by law. He filed an appeal to the Constitutional Court for dismantling the party, assuming he had received a surplus of yen.

The parliamentary house in Thailand is rivaled by the ruling and opposition parties, and there is a view that it will work in favor of the ruling party if the petition is approved.

As for the New Future Party, the Tanatone leader has been deprived of membership since last month because he held shares in a media company that was not recognized by the candidates during the election.

In response to this situation, the New Future Party held a protest demonstration with many supporters in the center of Bangkok on the 14th, and the supporters put up a plate saying `` Law justice is false '' Prime Minister Prayuth should leave. ”