The inspection teams of the City Cleaning Control Section in the Municipal Control and Inspection Department of the Municipality of Sharjah City managed to seize two sites to store the prohibited substances in one of the emirate's regions were concealed in a tight manner, but the inspection teams managed to control the two sites and take the necessary measures against their owners and destroy the materials in cooperation with the Sharjah Company For the environment "environment", as this process came within the framework of periodic inspection campaigns organized by the municipality to eliminate all negative practices and distortions of the general appearance, and through the information that is received through the call center on the number 993.

In this context, the head of the city cleanliness monitoring department, Mohamed Al Kaabi, stressed that inspection teams make continuous efforts and organize continuous campaigns around the clock to monitor all negative behaviors and distortions of the general appearance to enhance the vision of the emirate as a healthy city and provide comfort to residents and visitors, and through these campaigns the inspection teams managed to control Prohibited items After one of the inspectors noticed a strange move by a group of people by entering and exiting the two sites with them loaded, they were immediately searched, but no prohibitions were found.

Al-Kaabi indicated that the two sites were subjected to monitoring by the inspectors of the city cleanliness control department, so that they were able to control the materials that were hidden inside secret holes in the decoration of the sites and the shoe rollers. And its eagerness to follow all phenomena and enables it to control the two sites.

The head of the city’s cleanliness monitoring department stated that the inspection campaigns come within the framework of the municipality’s strategic plan and to achieve the goals of the municipal control and inspection department in preserving the general appearance of the emirate, and combating negative phenomena until Sharjah remains healthy and ideal and the preferred destination for living, as the municipality continues to implement the law and educate community members The necessity to abide by the laws and regulations, and it also attaches great importance to the continuous awareness campaigns.