Eleven people have been slightly intoxicated by a fire that has taken place this afternoon in a house in Torrejón de Ardoz, three of them have had to be transferred to the hospital of Henares, as reported by the Emergency Service 112 of the Community of Madrid.

The three people poisoned by smoke who were sent to the hospital in Torrejón de Ardoz had previous respiratory pathologies, so they were advised to be referred to a hospital, the sources indicated, who had initially reported that five were affected by smoke.

The fire, from which notice was received at 5:45 p.m. and has already been stifled, broke out in a building at number 3 on Pozo de las Nieves, Torrejón, where 13 people were rescued by firefighters. they were confined in the ten and eleven floors of the property.

The 13 people confined were evacuated by the stairs and two of them with difficulty because they had reduced mobility, the sources said.

Six units of the Firefighters of the Community of Madrid and as many ambulances of the SUMMA came to the place.

The fire, with a very important fire load, started on the tenth floor and has severely affected a house that was uninhabitable, according to Emergencies.

Emergency sources have explained that the fire has been spectacular and that it has not spread to the rest of the homes.

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