He made the corresponding statement on the air of the Big Game program, a fragment of which was shown on Channel One.

As RIA Novosti points out, he noted that in recent years events have been taking place in the world that could not have been predicted a decade ago, and if someone had undertaken to predict the current world processes in the past, “everyone would turn a finger at the temple.”

According to Peskov, at the moment people are witnessing profound transformations that affect not only diplomacy and international law, but also, for example, the rules of conduct of states.

“These are times of change. Russia remains an island of stability in such an ocean of turbulence. I am sure of that, ”he said.

At the same time, the President’s press secretary expressed confidence that Russia had become stronger in 2019.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, during a speech at the closing of the BRICS business forum, spoke about the growth of investment attractiveness of Russia from foreign investors.