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The Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe and the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer (right) responded to the teachers' concerns about the pension reform. JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN / AFP

In France, the executive is determined to continue its pension reform, " historic " according to Emmanuel Macron, while the strike movement in transport begins this Saturday its 10th day.

End of special schemes, universal point-indexed system on wages, equilibrium age at 64 even if it is " negotiable ", recalled this morning the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy, Agnès Pannier- Runacher, entered the system from the generation born in 1975, the government's pension reform project has made unions jump and strike calls are increasing for this Tuesday, December 17 and Thursday, December 19.

The executive is multiplying the gestures of openness towards the police who have obtained the continuation of retirement at 57 years of age. For his part, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer received this Friday at the Ministry three teachers' unions Unsa, Fo and Sgen.

Calm anger

The government, which is starting a demining operation , wants to calm the angers. And that goes through discussions with teachers' unions. Teachers indeed need to be reassured about the increase in salaries that they have been promised.

It was a serious meeting. Finally, we were able to discuss a future entry into negotiations on the question of both compensation and upgrading for teachers. So we maintain the call for the demonstration of the 17th, since anyway today, there was no question of the age of equilibrium at 64 years ”, displayed very optimistic Frédéric Marchand of the UNSA.

Traffic still disrupted in transport.

Nine metro lines will remain completely closed this Saturday. Five others will be partially open or will not provide all-day service; however, traffic is slightly more common on trams. However, it will also be difficult to travel by train this weekend. Admittedly, this Friday the strike rate was down, 13% on all employees and 66% among drivers, but it will only count on one TGV out of four, one Transilien out of 6. And international traffic will remain disrupted .

Management does not expect a turnaround in the weekend. Beyond that, the railway company projects itself on vacation departures. Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister asked the SNCF for a "transport plan" for Christmas. He also intends to meet the unions next week but the CGT, Unsa rail and Sud rail do not want to hear about the abolition of the special regime for railway workers.

After today's meeting, there were elements of reaffirmation, that is to say that the Minister reaffirmed his commitment that there would be no reduction in the teachers' pension; And the fact that there would be first revaluations from 2021, so it was something highly anticipated and which was necessary and which is finally here today, ”he added.

The Minister will receive less reformist unions this Monday like the CGT , the SNES for secondary teachers, the SNUIPP FSU for school teachers. Bargaining should be more difficult.