San Francisco (AFP)

Facebook warned its employees on Friday that the personal and financial data of 29,000 of them had been stolen from a car last month.

"We have not seen any abuse and we believe it is a burglary and not an attempt to steal information from employees," Facebook told AFP.

No data from network users has been compromised.

The stolen hard drives contained the names, bank account numbers and other personal data of 29,000 people who were employed by Facebook in the United States last year, internet giant confirmed after a Bloomberg dispatch .

The driver of the car, a member of the group's payroll service, had put the hard drives in a bag, left in the vehicle, when they should not have left the Facebook campus.

"As a precaution, we have informed the past and present employees concerned, and we are providing them with the necessary assistance in the event of identity theft," said Facebook, which is also cooperating with the police investigation.

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