As soon as the victory was declared, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson embarked on Saturday, December 14, on a tour of the lands taken from Labor.

The conservatives won the British legislative elections on Thursday with 365 seats (+48) out of the 650 available in Westminster, thanks to the taking of workers' constituencies acquired for decades by Labor, but favorable to Brexit.

That of Sedgefield, stronghold of former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair, is one of them. This is where Boris Johnson went on Saturday to savor his victory.

British "irresistible" decision to "achieve Brexit"

"I imagine the voters with their pencil, hesitating above the ballot, before finally checking the box 'Conservatives'," said Boris Johnson during a speech at a local locust club, in front of a crowd of supporters and some of its newly elected deputies.

"I know people may have broken the voting habits that have been there for generations by voting for us," he added, promising those voters to "fulfill the trust" they have placed. in him.

According to Boris Johnson, his victory results from the "irrefutable, irresistible and incontestable decision" of the British to finally "achieve Brexit" on January 31, the grand mantra of his campaign.

Job protection: Boris Johnson expected at the turn

After more than three years of heartbreak since the 2016 referendum, where the British had voted 52% for an exit from the European Union, the conservative leader is now playing the reunification card.

"I call on everyone to turn the page and start healing the wounds," he said the day before, during a short speech outside 10 Downing Street. He had insisted on his desire to focus now on priorities such as health, security, education and infrastructure.

Deputy Secretary General of the Congress of Trade Unions, Paul Nowa, asked the Conservative Prime Minister to "walk the talk" and "work with unions, engage with workers".

Speaking Saturday morning on the BBC, Paul Nowa urged the conservative leader to "honor his commitments to voters in the northeast and the Midlands, who may have voted for him for the first time". He urged him to respect his promises by achieving "a Brexit that protects employment and labor law".

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