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A thousand mobile phones were destroyed Thursday by employees of the struggling company Remade (used smartphones) to protest against the conditions under which they risk being dismissed, said the group's CFDT.

"Since men have no value, we will attack (...) money. Thus, we will destroy 1,000 iPhones a day until we are heard," Thursday threatened in a statement the CSE of Remade SAS which employs around 330 people in Poilley, near Mont-Saint-Michel.

"The first destruction took place today," announced at the end of the day the CFDT of Remade on its Facebook page by posting a video of a forklift rolling on hundreds of phones and displaying signs "employees sacrificed without compensation ". The scene takes place in front of the Poilley site under the gaze of several demonstrators standing behind a banner with the name of shareholders and the inscription "your turn to be trampled on".

The management of Remade displays a stock of 25,000 to 33,000 refurbished iPhones ready to be marketed.

"At that date, the takeover offers would only concern a handful of employees and the job protection plan (PSE) was not funded", continues the CSE.

According to Sophia Garcia, CFDT secretary of the CSE and manager of Remade SAS, the shareholders refuse to help the employees by adding a PSE.

"It is terrible. Two hundred million have been invested in the company. The employees have not seen the color of it and we find ourselves today without supra-legal compensation, with a quarter of the monthly salary per year of seniority. And people are on the minimum wage, "she told AFP.

Remade was launched in 2014, hiring by storm (the group has a total of all subsidiaries combined, 500 employees against 680 in September) before being placed in receivership at the end of September. Its main subsidiary, Remade SAS, was placed in liquidation with continued activity on November 28.

The Rouen Commercial Court is to examine the takeover offers at 10:00 am on Tuesday. According to the CFDT and a source close to the file, six were filed.

Negotiations are still in progress. At this stage, the Indian group CTS, which was a customer of Remade in early 2019, would take over 96 to 110 employees and would put 500,000 euros on the table for the stock of phones, according to Ms. Garcia.

The Takara company would take over 50 employees including 10 in Nice and offers a million for the stock, according to the CFDT.

SFIT would take over 25 employees with 500,000 euros for the stock, Smart Oh, 20 people with 500,000 euros, and Recommerce would not take over anyone and buy the stock 1.8 million euros, according to Ms. Garcia.

In addition to SAS Remade, the group also includes several other subsidiaries in legal proceedings.

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