According to the indictment, the thefts have occurred at various stores in the county in the past year. On September 11 last year he stole 51 protein bars from a grocery store in Råslätt in Jönköping worth SEK 1,100. Four days later he stole 100 energy bars worth SEK 2,000 at a supermarket in Jönköping.

On July 3 this year, the man should have stolen 30 protein bars worth SEK 600 from a store in Jönköping. On August 27, he was up and running again, when the man must have stolen 172 energy bars worth almost SEK 4,000 from a grocery store in Huskvarna.

Theft in Nässjö and Gislaved

On September 20 this year, the man was back on the road, this time in Nässjö. There he must have stolen 110 energy drinks worth a total of SEK 2,300. Two days later, the man should have taken 75 energy drinks worth just over SEK 1,600 from a store on Klostergatan in Jönköping. The same day, the man should also have had a visit to a grocery store in Gislaved. There the man should have brought 76 energy drinks worth just over SEK 1,600.

The man is also charged with stealing two shavers from an electronics store in Jönköping. That theft should have occurred on September 27 and the value of the stolen is reported to have been just under SEK 1,500.