Four students, from Fujairah Secondary Education School for Boys, created a robot to rescue people in disaster areas, such as fires, earthquakes, and floods, by sensing bodies, and called their project "Rescue Simulation".

The student, Omar Muhammad Abdulaziz, told «Emirates Today»: “I implemented a robot and application project with my colleagues: Hamad Ahmed Al Abdouli, Muhammad Ibrahim Azmi and Saeed Hilal Al Nuaimi. We were qualified by the Ministry of Education, starting with the competition of specialized centers organized by the Ministry, during the year Last year, all the way to the national competition, and we won first place in it (Robocop Junior) to open rescue simulation, which was organized in Australia, finally ».

He added, "Our team, called (the Robot Team), participated in the competition, which evaluates programming code for the virtual and real worlds, simulating rescue operations for people in dangerous places, especially where natural disasters occur."

Abdulaziz explained that "the rescue robot can be controlled and directed by an application on the smartphone, as the application includes programming and writing code for the robot, and he receives orders through it, and thus there is no human intervention when performing rescue operations," explaining that "the robot consists of sensors Several equipment for movement, heat, sound and distance, to receive instructions, and to issue signals when trying to save any person or object from places of danger, as it works automatically once you sense any danger, and sends alert signals through the smart application ».