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Jeremy Corbyn, a radical like tough Brexit dike


At 70 years of age and with a message from the end of the last century, the direct response to established power is better than any other in the United Kingdom. He has also climbed

  • United Kingdom: The battle for the succession of Jeremy Corbyn

At 70 years of age and with a message from the end of the last century, the direct response to established power is better than any other in the United Kingdom. He has also climbed the European wave of old ideologies that are presented, in the second decade of the 21st century, as a new ideology ready to solve the modern problem.

In Jeremy Corbyn there is nothing original, and yet it is the last dike that can prevent the country from breaking traumaticly with the European Union and launching itself in the arms of the United States of Donald Trump. Although at the moment the polls on foot of urn do not grant victory. The survey conducted by the BBC, the ITV and Sky News gave the victory to Boris Johnson, with 368 deputies, compared to 191 of the Labor Party.

The biggest problem for the Labor Party to reach Downing Street is that it is not, nor will it be, a man of consensus . His followers, who are fundamentally among some party bases that helped him achieve a surprising victory in 2015, glimpse the definitive leader in him, while his detractors, among whom he causes real fear, see him as an absolute threat for everything What your ideals represent.

The luck for Corbyn is that these elections are played in a very favorable terrain. British society, polarized both by the economic crisis and by the 2016 European Union exit referendum, does not at this time understand half measures. That is why the Labor, known for his anti-imperialist, Eurosceptic and anti-capitalist ideology, is open to his message and is used to starring last minute in the two campaigns for the generals in which he has participated.

In fact, Jeremy Corbyn has to thank Boris Johnson for removing Brexit from the game board. The conservative leader believed that, focusing on points such as the National Health System, as was done in the Leave campaign, he could fish in all social classes to obtain a majority that pretended to be absolute, but time has shown that this strategy He has favored his rival.

For the veteran Labor politician, the issue of abandonment of the European Union has always been very uncomfortable, especially since many moderate sectors of the country's left have been called upon to flag a permanence in which he does not believe. That's why when rivals like Theresa May have squeezed him in that way, he has been uncomfortable.

However, when Johnson set the priorities of the elections in the social sphere, Corbyn has developed like a fish in the water. Lover of the rallies, it has cost him nothing to take advantage of situations such as that of the 4-year-old boy sleeping on the floor of a hospital because of the lack of beds to remember the cuts of the conservatives and his supposed intention to deliver the NHS to the Americans. The premier , who is making his way to the polls long despite being a campaign man, has been seen sweating with these accusations.

At the moment, Corbyn has only had a single great weakness in these elections, and it is the fact that he has not reached the elections with the neat party and free of the more than 70 cases of anti-Semitism that have been reported among his ranks . With several cases still to be investigated, those who have ended up with expulsion of those involved have had their resolution not too long ago, which suggests a certain hurry because of the proximity of the call to the polls.

In spite of the enormous improvement in the results registered from November until now, in the Labor Party, where it also has many detractors, they are beginning to wonder if their leader will not have reached the ceiling, so a defeat that seems quite likely could precipitate its fall in 2020 that promises to be intense for British politics and in which issues as vital as the future relationship with the European Union will be discussed.

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