US Secretary of State urges Russia to repatriate North Korean workers December 11th 11:26

The US Secretary of State, Pompeio, met with Russian Foreign Minister Labrov, as North Korea urged the United States to lift sanctions while intensifying provocative action. Asked to repatriate North Korean workers in the country.

While the denuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea are stagnant, North Korea may unilaterally set the end of the year as the deadline for negotiations, press the United States to make concessions such as lifting sanctions, and take countermeasures if no breakthrough is shown Suggests.

Under such circumstances, the US Secretary of State Pompeio met with Russian Foreign Minister Labrov in Washington on the 10th, revealing the importance of economic sanctions against North Korea.

On top of that, the UN Security Council's sanctions resolutions require countries to repatriate North Korean workers by the 22nd of this month, calling for Russia to comply with the resolutions and repatriate workers as an important milestone. Emphasized the attitude to maintain the pressure by.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Labrov said that the Russian government is urging talks between the United States and the United States, saying that “reciprocal measures are necessary for the dialogue to produce results,” and the US needs to show some return. The idea that there is.

The UN Security Council will hold a public meeting to discuss North Korea's missile issues at the request of the United States on the 11th, and the United States will attend a special vegan representative in charge of negotiations with North Korea and will discuss responses with other countries. It is.