In his request, MP Rubin expresses concern over the state of Assange, which may worsen if he is extradited to the United States.

“The detainee (Julian Assange. - RT ) is facing extradition to the US today in Belmarsh prison, where he will have to answer charges of espionage. This is of particular concern, given the country's experience in the field of human rights, primarily in the Guantanamo prison, where the law does not work, and the use of torture is almost systematic, ”the deputy says.

She recalls that Assange’s life is at risk due to prolonged physical and psychological pressure.

“Undermined by psychological violence and years spent locked up, Mr. Assange’s health condition is worrisome for more than 60 doctors who believe that he could die soon if he is not treated,” the politician said.

However, she noted that the French government does not take any action and does not make public statements about this situation.

“The government is still silent. Moreover, the government is in favor of introducing at the European level the status of a whistleblower, which would oblige them to declare themselves in organizations with the condemnation of which they intend to speak out in order to receive protection from the law, following the example of Sapin II. She (MP Sabina Rubin. - RT ), in turn, wants to know the reasons for the government’s inaction and silence in this regard, ”the request says.

On November 18, a court in London decided to leave Julian Assange in custody.

The next technical hearing in the case of his extradition to the United States will be held on December 13 and 19.