A young employee of a Strasbourg shop, Ichrak witnessed the attack on the city's Christmas Market a year ago. At the microphone of Europe 1, she says it is difficult to recover from this trauma.


A year after the tragedy, she testifies for the first time. Young employee of a supermarket in downtown Strasbourg, Ichrak is one of the victims of the attack that hit the Christmas Market of the city on December 11, 2018. She assisted, in vain, a person fatally injured . At the microphone of Europe 1, this mother of a girl of 7 years old returns on the evening of the drama, and tells the difficulty to rebuild itself, whereas the city commemorates the tragedy Wednesday. "Inwardly, I'm dead," she says.

"I open the door, I go out and I see the first body.I take the pulse ... No pulse," she recalls. "I'm going on the second person, he was still alive, agonizing, I wanted to help him, but he was dying," says the young woman, her voice trembling, recalling "the blood runs on the forehead and the bullet in the head "of the victim.

"I get out of fear"

Today, Ichrak assures that his life has changed. "We are more the same person, we see things differently," says this Strasbourg. "I go out of my stomach, I do not sleep at night, I often change my medication to sleep."

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"I was a very smiling person, very kind," she says. "But we become an aggressive limit towards people, without wanting to, I wish I had my life before," says Ichrak again. "In my case, I am alive, but internally I am dead."

"Luckily I have my daughter to keep up with life"

The one who no longer visits the Christmas market also tells the consequences of this trauma on her family life, and especially on her relationship with her 7-year-old daughter. "Sometimes I do not feel like mother, because there are so many things that I do not do with her, like going to the movies". Sometimes, she testifies again, "I realize that I am screaming without wanting it".

Yet, Ichrak assures him, "Luckily I have my daughter to live, and if I were not there, I would not be here."