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December 11, 2019The free European Commission to the 'European Green Deal', the road map that the EU executive intends to bring Europe to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and the European Union to become leader in the fight against climate change. Von der Leyen has unveiled the '50 actions for 2050 ', a list of proposals on various sectors, comparing the historical moment of the EU with that of the landing on the Moon by the United States

The "Pact", the first act of the Commission of Ursula von der Leyen, provides for a package of legislative proposals, financial instruments and action plans in different sectors, to arrive at the reduction of carbon emissions, favor the circular economy, and favor 'green investments' in Europe. The pact has not yet received the green light from EU leaders, and at the summit tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in Brussels, the new president of the European Council Charles Michel hopes to convince countries that are still very dependent on fossil fuels and in particular coal, namely Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, to bring their positions closer to the rest of the partners.

The Commission itself admits that "combating climate change is a common effort, but not all regions and Member States start from the same point". For this reason, a fair transition mechanism will support countries "which depend heavily on coal-intensive activities, will support the most vulnerable citizens to transition, providing access to retraining programs and job opportunities in new economic areas and new sectors.

Von der Leyen herself announced that she will propose the creation of a "Transitional Fund" to help mobilize investments for 100 billion euros over the next seven years. years ", to favor the transition to the green economy.

The European Green Deal covers all sectors of the economy: from transport to energy to agriculture to industry and will require "significant investments" to achieve the objectives set: the Commission speaks of approximately 260 billion euros of investments equal to 1 , 5% of EU GDP. But the ambitions of Ursula von der Leyen will depend on the money that the EU will be willing to put on the table: at the moment there is no figure, the negotiations on the multi-year budget for the period 2021-2027 are at the beginning and the positions remain distant. At the beginning of next year the Commission will present its investment plan 'for a sustainable Europe', the European Investment Bank, and the European climate bank "will provide further support".