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Boris Johnson closed his election campaign with a triumphant rally at the Copper Box in London, hours after hiding in a freezer during a visit to a dairy in Yorkshire, to dodge the cameras of Good Morning Britain. The fridgegate - how the episode was christened on social networks - became the last and shocking episode of the British campaign, a day after the "premier" snatched a cellphone from another ITV journalist who wanted to show him the photo of A boy was stuck on the floor because of the lack of bed in a Leeds hospital.

Oblivious to the last stumbling blocks, an accelerated and past revolution of Boris prompted his followers to fight "for the last vote" and not rely on the polls that gave him nine points of advantage over the Jeremy Corbyn Labor Party (43% to 34 %) and guaranteed an absolute majority of 339 seats in Wesminster in the 12D elections.

"We will ensure that this country is carbon neutral in 2050 and" neutral "in Corbyn this Christmas," he joked at Johnson at the close of the campaign, at one of the Olympic facilities of his time as mayor of London. "We are going to avoid at all costs the disaster that would be a government of Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon (leader of the Scottish National Party) and save us the doubt of who would wear the pants in that relationship."

Before playing on his own ground, before a sea of ​​banners with the ubiquitous slogan ("Get Brexit Done"), Johnson, however, struggled to visit the Modern Milkman dairy in Yorkshire. The cameras of the ITV Good Morning American program followed him without warning there. First producer Jonathan Swain, and finally the presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

When the meeting became inevitable, Boris Johnson came to say: "I will be with you in a few seconds." Then Piers Morgan exclaimed with surprise: "He has put himself in a freezer!" Indeed, the "premier" took refuge with his assistants in a cold store. "That's a bunker," another Johnson collaborator exclaimed.

After a few seconds, Johnson came out of the freezer with a few bottles of milk and avoided contact with the Good Morning Britain cameras. Conservative sources alleged that the premier was not hiding and that minutes later he granted another interview (previously agreed) to another television.

The incident reactivated criticism against Johnson for evading annoying journalists during his campaign. Days before, the premier refused to be interviewed on the BBC by Andrew Neil. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn took advantage of the incident to proclaim in one of his last campaign rallies: "I would never hide in a freezer to avoid the press."

Late Wednesday, at his fifth and final campaign stop of the day, Boris Johnson burned his last cartridges in the London Copper Box, preceded by a video in which he mocked directly from Parliament. "Are we ready for more years of discussions or do we want to consume Brexit now?" The Conservative leader asked the complacent crowd. "We've had enough: these elections are our chance to end the uncertainty and the traffic jam."

"Give me the majority and we will finish what we started three and a half years ago by following your instructions," Johnson concluded. "We have a great future within our reach: all we need is nine more seats than we have now to complete Brexit and unleash the potential of this country."

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