US government announced sanctions to 20 people, including 4 Myanmar military executives, for human rights violations December 11th 5:54

The US government has announced sanctions against 20 people involved in human rights violations around the world, including sanctions imposed on four Myanmar military executives for persecution of minorities in Rohingya in Myanmar.

The US Department of State and the Treasury announced sanctions against 20 people for allegedly involved in human rights violations in Myanmar, Pakistan, and Libya on the 10th, the United Nations Human Rights Day.

Of these, in Myanmar, new sanctions were imposed on four military leaders, including the head of the Myanmar army, commander Min Aung Flein, for being involved in the persecution of minor Muslim Rohingya people. Did.

The four are already subject to sanctions that prohibit entry into the United States, and new sanctions will be added that prohibit freezing and trading of dollar assets.

Last year, Saudi Arabia announced additional sanctions against the US Consul General at the time of the Saudi Consulate General in Turkey, saying that the famous journalist Kashogi was killed last year. .

There is a strong criticism over President Trump for neglecting American traditional values ​​such as human rights and democracy, but Trump administration officials argue that `` the United States is the world leader fighting human rights violations '' .