This is a doubling of accidents with deer this year compared to last year, according to Leif Granlöf, county governor hunter.

- Firstly, the deer strain has increased, and partly it is a stress in traffic, he says.

Works to reduce accidents

As far as other animals are concerned, this year's accident statistics land at about the same as last year and the total number of wild accidents is around 2,000 in the county each year.

As a search hunter, he is available around the clock, year round, and goes out to look for the animals that are injured in the accident. At the same time, the Hunters' Association is working preventively to reduce the number of accidents. They do this, among other things, by raising awareness among motorists, but also through collaborations.

- We are a member of the regional wildlife accident council together with the county administrative board and the Swedish Transport Administration. We have meetings at least twice a year and there we present our opinions and wishes, ”says Leif Granlöf.

Game fencing a false security

Such a desire applies to game fencing, which does not have only positive effects.

- We have seen that wild fencing creates false security, where it is believed that "here is just to blow on". But, for example, wild boars, they just speed up and run the trick under the fence and then they run. They are so powerful in the neck that they lift on the net.

- There is also an increase in accidents between fences, but the fences also reduce the risk of accidents, of course.

So how to reduce the accidents?

- Awareness of motorists. Think wildly, says Leif Granlöf.