There were two packages from Germany that got stuck in the Customs control in midsummer. They didn't really include what the list listed. In addition to water purification products, Customs found a total of 9 kilos of amphetamines and 10,000 tablets of MDMA and 8,000 LSD drops.

Two of the defendants live in Trollhättan, one in Ljungskile and one is a resident of warmland Årjäng. In the suspect's main residence there were also other packages delivered with various drugs.

The seizure is one of the larger ones made by the Customs Administration this year.

- The criminal networks are constantly developing new ways of smuggling drugs in order to avoid detection. But we refine our methods, says Marcus Carlsson. head of the Customs Crime Unit in Gothenburg.

The crime classification for the suspected principal is particularly serious drug smuggling and serious drug crime. The other three persons are suspected of drug trafficking. The principal can be sentenced to up to six years in prison.

Prosecution was brought at the end of last week at Vänersborg District Court.