TF1 has largely achieved its bet with its historic series entitled "The Bazaar of Charity" whose last two episodes were broadcast on Monday night. Worn by Gilbert Melki, Josianne Balasko or Camille Lou, this fiction once again seduced viewers.

What did the French watch on television on Monday night?

It started with a box and it ends with a cardboard. This Monday, TF1 has largely dominated the hearings of the evening with the final of its series event "The Bazaar of Charity". It was the end of this great series in costumes with Camille Lou and Julie de Bona. The two episodes gathered 6.64 million viewers (29.1% audience share).

M6 is second with the fifteenth and last evening of "Love is in the meadow", the show of Karine Le Marchand. As Jean-Louis Aubert sang so well, "Voilà, c'est fini". No more farmers looking for love. Finished anyway for
this year since the hearings are good and M6 has every reason to renew for a season 15. For this final, they were 3,372 million French to
passion for "Love is in the meadow" (15% of the public).

France 2 is third. La Deux which proposed the continuation of the American series "The Fix". Just 1.663 million viewers followed the series on Monday (6.3% of the public).

France 3 is fourth with a new issue of "Secrets d'histoire", the historical popularization magazine of Stéphane Bern. "Secrets of history" who was interested this Monday in the tragic destiny of the emperor of Mexico Maximilian I and his wife Charlotte de
Belgium. The magazine gathered 1.65 million people (6.3% of the public).

On the side of other channels?

"Star Wars - Clone Attack" is episode 2 of George Lucas' second trilogy starring Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker and Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. 1.314 million people were in front of TMC (6.7% of the public).

At 8 pm, what did the French watch?

The "20 Heures" of Gilles Bouleau on TF1 brought together 6.24 million people.

The "20 Heures" of Anne-Sophie Lapix on France 2 has gathered 5.25 million people.

"Scenes of households" on M6 gathered 4.55 million French.

1.8 million were in front of "Daily" on TMC who received Coldplay.