17:01 on December 9 to summarize tax reduction measures to promote 5G introduction

In order to promote the introduction of the next-generation communication standard, 5G, the LDP tax examination committee has certified that parts that pose a security risk are not being used by government examinations for mobile phone companies that maintain base stations. If this is the case, we have summarized mitigation measures such as deducting 9% of the investment amount from the corporate tax.

The government and the ruling party will take measures to reduce the tax burden on mobile phone companies that have 5G base stations in order to promote the introduction of 5G high-speed, large-capacity next-generation communication standards in preparation for tax reforms next year. I'm considering it.

In this regard, the Liberal Democratic Party's tax investigation committee is an executive meeting on the 9th, and it examines the introduction plan submitted to the government by mobile phone companies and companies that use 5G technology in factories etc., and uses parts that have security risks. We have established a policy to reduce the tax burden when it is recognized that it is not.

Specifically, the policy is to allow 9% of the investment amount to be deducted from the corporate tax for three years from the next fiscal year, or to reduce the corporate tax by increasing the amount that can be treated as a loss to 30% per year.

As for financial resources, we will review the tax system that encourages companies to raise wages and invest, and secure about 12 billion yen.