More than 90 earthquakes occurred in Florence, Italy, about half an hour from 8-9 days local time.

According to the Italian Institute of Geological and Volcanoes (INGV), a 2.6 magnitude earthquake was detected at 8:38 pm on August 8 in the Mugello region, 30 kilometers northeast of Florence, Tuscany.

Subsequently, a large and small earthquake continued, followed by a relatively strong earthquake of magnitude 4.5 around 4:37 am on the next day.

At the time, some residents jumped out of the house after being amazed by the vibrations, ANSA said.

It was strong enough to feel vibration in nearby areas such as Florence and Arezzo.

Although there were no casualties due to the earthquake, some buildings, such as cathedrals and houses, cracked and caused physical damage.

Italian officials say more than 90 earthquakes were measured between 12 hours from the first earthquake to 8:00 am.

Nine 3.0 scales were nine times and 2.0 units were 36 times.

The Mugelo regional disaster authorities reported that the geological activities were not serious, and in order to prevent them, some schools near the epicenter were closed and safety checks were carried out on over 200 obsolete buildings.

Some high-speed trains, such as the Florence-Bologna line, were once suspended for rail checks.

Although the railway resumed operation within 4 hours after the inspection, the citizens of the time zone had great inconvenience due to the delayed departure and arrival schedule of 2-4 hours.

An unusually large number of earthquakes occurred in a relatively short period of time, and fears of building collapse were prominent among the residents.

Some residents stayed on the streets or spent time in their cars in cold, rainy weather.

Local officials said, "We have not yet received a risk report for this series of earthquakes."