Next, let's take a look at the National Assembly situation where the National Assembly ends today (10th). The ruling opposition party ceased to cease today and agreed to deal with next year's budget and public welfare bills.

Members of the Liberal Democratic Party have suspended their agreement to approve the results of the budget review.


The ruling party agreed to a proposal by the ruling party yesterday in a meeting of the representatives of the ruling party and the negotiating group.

Under the condition that the Korean Party withdraws unlimited discussions and filibusters, it agreed to process next year's budget and public welfare bills at the plenary session today, and fast-track bills such as election laws and prosecution reform bills will not be proposed at this session.

[Spokesman Han Min-soo / National Assembly: The plenary session deals with the non-controversial bill that was pushed out at 10 am.]

However, at around 6 pm, the Korean Assembly of Representatives withheld the agreement to approve the budget review.

At the plenary session today, the Democratic Party opposes the Civilian Bill, and the Korean Party confronts it.

The key is, after all, budget negotiations.

The ruling party ruling party plans to continue negotiations from yesterday afternoon to just before plenary session today.

But disagreements have been a challenge.

If the budget bill finally breaks down, there is a chance that there will be no withdrawal of the filibuster and no postponement of the Fast Track bill.

This will make it difficult for Democrats and South Koreans to avoid head-on conflicts, even after the regular parliament is over today.