Russian dancer Ekaterina Andreeva, accused of spreading immorality.

A new scandal splashes a belly dancer in Egypt. The Russian Ekaterina Andreeva is back in the spotlight, a year and a half after she was accused of debauchery and had to put land in between. The artist now faces the charge of "spreading immorality" after in recent days intimate videos of the young woman with an Egyptian man were disseminated.

Johara, her artistic name, has become a phenomenon in social networks in the land of the pharaohs since they began spreading snapshots in which the 32-year-old Russian appears sharing kisses and caresses with an identified young Egyptian like Jaled Ahmed. The succession of frames have created a bitter controversy in the conservative Egyptian society.

The artist has been silent since the controversy broke out. Jaled, on the other hand, has stated on his Instagram account that they were both married some time ago. "We made no mistake. We recorded ourselves to document the romantic moments we have had in common. Nothing more," the Egyptian has argued. "Whoever has done this will be punished. Some friends stole my cell phone and uploaded the videos to the network. It has to be punished," he added before lamenting his fate.

"They have destroyed my future and my mother is dying for all this," he has slipped. According to local press, the police are now trying to clarify who made the videos public and their relationship with the protagonists of the images. It also searches for the location where the images were recorded .

It is not the first time, however, that the scandal pursues Johara. The thirties returned to work a few months ago after leaving the country, fleeing from another court case. In February 2018, the dancer was arrested by the Egyptian police while performing in a club in the Cairota district of Giza and accused of "incitement to debauchery" and "threaten the national security of Egypt."

One of the images of Ekaterina Andreeva and Jaled Ahmed for which they have been accused.

According to the authorities, the movements of Johara - who has a million followers on Instagram and is coveted at Egyptian weddings - were too provocative and energetic and made them dressed in a dress that, in his opinion, broke with the established canon, waddling "almost naked." Initially, after the police interrogation and the opening of an investigation in the small affairs court, the regime decreed his deportation, a decision reversed days later.

The dancer left Egypt last April, days before a court ruling was known, and recently returned to resume her work. He is pending a one-year prison sentence for the arrest a year and a half ago. The sentence is appealed and the next hearing is set for December 28.

The dancers, publicly reviled, have become recurring victims of the morality campaign signed by the Egyptian regime. In January 2018, the Egyptian dancer Laila Amer was arrested accused of starring in a video in which she throws supposedly suggestive gestures. The lawyer who filed the complaint said then that the content represented "a danger to the morals of society and encouraged debauchery and sexual acts among young people."

A month before, a minor affairs court had sentenced Shyma, the 22-year-old Egyptian singer who released the scandal by appearing in lingerie in a video clip while ingesting a banana. The diffusion of the images on YouTube - in which the artist appears, also, spraying milk on some bananas - ended with the arrest of the protagonist a few days later between reactions of rejection of media, politicians and public figures.

In 2015, two belly dancers were sentenced to six months in prison for also inciting debauchery and immorality in their videos. In 2014, a television program inspired by the Factor X formula in which dancers from the United States, Argentina, Russia or China competed was canceled after the first chapter given the criticism launched by the most Puritan sectors.

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