The French press looks heavily on Monday, December 9, on this week of protest against the pension reform. Libération sees a simple choice for Emmanuel Macron: "Reform or retirement". For the daily, any decline in the executive would sign the end of the five-year period. Le Figaro , for its part, details the calendar. The unions will be received Monday before a day of mobilization Tuesday. The government will unveil the content of its reform on Wednesday. Today in France reveals embarrassing information for the government. Jean-Paul Delevoye, the high commissioner for pensions has forgotten, according to the newspaper, to declare his activity as a director in an insurance training institute. Information that could weaken the government's position.

The South China Morning Post talks about Sunday's massive mobilization in Hong Kong. Nearly 800,000 people marched to demand democratic reforms and the end of police violence. China Daily , pro-Beijing daily, unsurprisingly focuses on the few violence that have stoked the mobilization and which, according to the newspaper, undermine the rule of law in the semi-autonomous province.

Finally the Algerian press looks at a historical process. El Watan evokes it to his name: 20 years in prison were required against two former prime ministers of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Liberté Algérie specifies that several personalities of the regime are concerned, notably two former ministers. A trial that comes before the December 12 presidential election.

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