Hospital window burden over 75 years old 40% for approval 49% for disposition NHK public opinion survey December 10 6:31


According to NHK's opinion polls, 40% of the respondents said that the government has been considering the government's approach to raising the burden of contacts at hospitals over 75 years old to 10% from the previous principle. On the other hand, the opposite was 49%.

NHK conducted a public opinion survey for 3 days starting on the 6th of this month using a method called “RDD” to make calls to landline and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computers for men and women over the age of 18. .

The survey targeted 2,150 people and received responses from 1238 people, or 58%.

In order to maintain a medical insurance system that is expected to worsen as the population ages, the government is proceeding with a study to raise the burden of contacts at hospitals over 75 years old from 10% in principle to 20%. .

When asked about the pros and cons of this, 40% agreed and 49% disagreed.

By the imperial throne, there are now three male royalty who are qualified to succeed the throne.

When asked if there should be a rush to discuss the stable succession of the throne, 45% said it should hurry and 43% said it is not necessary to hurry.

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church who visited Japan last month called on countries to participate in a nuclear weapons ban treaty that the Japanese government did not take part in as “not leading to realistic nuclear disarmament”.

When asked if Japan should participate in the treaty, 66% said it should participate and 17% did not need to participate.