Exactly what the future of the Employment Agency will look like is still unclear. One thing that is certain, however, is that the reform will not be based on the Law of Freedom, LOV, which was the Center Party's proposal from the beginning.

Despite the fact that the party has now been forced to back down, Anders W Jonsson, vice party chairman and substitute party leader for the Center Party, looks positively at the opportunities surrounding the Employment Service:

- Our core issue was to redo the Employment Service so that the unemployed could get jobs, and that employers could get hold of labor. These messages that have come today mean that the reform is still there. There will be changes on two points, but the essential thing is that we get a proper overhaul of the Employment Service, he says in SVT's “Current Affairs”.

"Thought it would have been better to use LOV"

That was precisely the most important argument you had, that LOV should form the basis of and guide the whole reform. Surely it is a setback for you, right?

- We thought it would have been better to use the law on freedom of choice, but the question of which procurement legislation should be used is not central to the reform.

The changes to the Employment Service, that is, the proposal you presented, were the Center Party's great success in the January agreement, and now for the first time falls part of this January agreement. How do you look at it?

- Partly it was that we had many great successes in the January agreement and this does not mean that the relocation of the Employment Service will disappear. The most important thing for us has been the reform to get a working Employment Agency.

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This is the background to the Employment Service's stormy 12 months Photo: SVT

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