The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, said he accepts the apologies of Javier Bardem for calling him "stupid" in the demonstration against climate change last Friday.

Bardem opened a thread on Twitter to apologize for having "let himself be carried away by an impulse at all constructive that skinny favor does to the true message, unique and really important."

"Of course I accept the apologies of Javier Bardem , how can it be otherwise," Almeida said in statements to the media since the Climate Summit.

"What I regret is not the insult of Javier Bardem, because that one will have to endure and we will see how we endure it, what bothers me is that Javier Bardem did not make any reference to the city of Madrid , did not recognize the pride of city that we have, the pride of a city that in less than 30 days has been able to organize a COP of these characteristics, with a set of infrastructures and public services that have allowed the Climate Summit to be held, "he explained.

"What really bothers me is not that Javier Bardem insulted me, I accept his apologies whether or not I am sincere," said the mayor, before criticizing that the actor "did not have the elegance of recognizing the city of Madrid".

The controversy is thus settled after Bardem monopolized all the prominence of the Climate Summit by insulting the mayor and succeeded in eclipsing Greta Thunberg herself.

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