In addition to the missile card, North Korea also made a statement saying that President Trump is using them for elections, so he will no longer negotiate on nuclear issues. President Trump says he doesn't want Kim Jong-un to intervene in the US presidential election.

I'm Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, Washington.


On his way to Florida on the weekend, President Trump reiterated his good relationship with Kim Jong-un and warned against possible North Korean provocations.

[Trump / US President: I would be surprised if North Korea makes a hostile provocation. I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un.]

He did not ask and added that he would not want Kim to intervene in the US presidential election next year.

[Trump / U.S. President: Kim knows I'm having an election soon. I do not think he wants to intervene in elections. But you will have to watch.]

President Trump's mention of the US presidential election is interpreted to mean that North Korea should not make high-intensity provocations that affect US voters, such as the ICBM or a nuclear test.

Earlier, North Korean ambassador to North Korea Kim Sung accused the US of seeking dialogue as a trick to buy time as a domestic political agenda for elections.

Kim also stressed that denuclearization has already gone down the negotiating table and has no intention of engaging in North American dialogue.

As the end of the year, when North Korea foreshadowed a major decision, the fighting between the two sides of North America is getting fierce.

(Video coverage: Park Eunha, Video editing: Jang Hyun-ki)

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