"Where's Louie Anywhere?"

"He's with you after all? Did he go in with you? "

Teresa Fröling was inside and washed. She thought Louie was playing with her grandmother in the back. Grandma thought he was with Teresa in the house.

They began to look. Teresa Fröling first went to the pool, even though she knew Louie couldn't get there. The weekend before, they had built a tall fence around it.

- I still thought it was the only thing that could be dangerous, so I wanted to rule it out. But he wasn't there, she says.

It wasn't until she went there a second time that the sun lit up a corner of the pool and she glimpsed an arm.

- See immediately that he's dead. The worst thing is that I think he may have been there the first time I checked. That I didn't see him.

No brain activity

By coincidence, a British intensive care physician was included in the ambulance helicopter that flew up from Karolinska Hospital. Akademiska's helicopter was on its way to Gothenburg. Because Louie's blood did not circulate, they could not get him any anticonvulsant medication. The doctor therefore applied a bone marrow approach and the cramps eased.

Louie was then sedated in the hospital. A doctor told Teresa and her husband that they saw no activity in the brain and that the risks were great for serious brain damage. If he survived.

In the end, Louie miraculously survived.

Hear Louie's mother Teresa tell us what she thinks it was and how his awakening went:

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No one knows how long Louie was in the pool. Photo: SVT