• Controversy: Javier Bardem insults the mayor of Madrid: "That stupid Almeida wants to reverse central Madrid"
  • Greta Thunberg "Hope is here with you, not with politicians"

"The decisions taken these days will compromise the future of everyone, and also that of your sons, daughters and grandchildren, and that of the entire planet. We need compromises. That, and this is personal, stupid Trump who abandons the agreements And that, this is also personal, stupid of Almeida who wants to reverse Central Madrid, "were the words of actor Javier Bardem who on Friday during the March for Climate held in Madrid unleashed the controversy.

The actor did not cut himself by insulting the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, calling him "stupid" during the reading of the manifesto minutes before the activist Greta Thunberg took the floor. The insult of Javier Bardem monopolized all the outbreaks and the mayor of the capital did not take long to respond through his Twitter account by publishing a brief, but lethal tweet, which accompanied information that says that Bardem was sentenced to pay 151,000 euros for defrauding the Treasury .

"The typical clever, that yes very progress, who thinks that paying taxes does not go with him," said the message of Martinez Almeida. The mayor picked up a notice from El Confidencial where it is narrated that the Supreme Court imposed on the actor two sanctions of 151,000 euros for minor tax violations arising from the IRPF settlement. The actor responded in his day to this information with a statement in which he said that "years ago" that their irregularities with the Treasury were resolved and that the sanction was caused by a disparity of criteria between the Treasury and its tax advisors, something that " it happens to thousands of people every year, "he argued.

The controversy was served. Not only did the mayor respond to the actor, but Bardem's "stupid" became Trending Topic and there were many others who took the opportunity to enter the mud . For example, the deputy of Citizens Marcos de Quinto who also assured Twitter that "today, denying the evidence of the climate crisis can become" as stupid "as continuing to defend communism as a formula for progress."

The former deputy of Citizens, Juan Carlos Girauta , also responded to Bardem's words with a brief, but resounding message on Twitter: "Gilipollas . " Javier Maroto , senator of the PP, did not miss the opportunity to respond to the actor with another message on the social network: "I did not remember the opportunist role of the Bardem from that forced" not to war "or something. Now it turns out that gets off a business class flight (which does not pollute almost anything ..) to, trying to insult the mayor of Madrid, try again on TV. "

Even Albert Boadella has entered the controversy by stating that "if he had kept a healthy distance between his roles and real life today we would have Bardem for what he is. The great actor doesn't have enough? Why does he have to play the role of papanatas ? "

Even the director of Telemadrid, José Pablo López , wanted to respond with forcefulness to Javier Bardem's words towards Martínez-Almeida. López, also through the social network, hung a tweet in which he rebuked the actor stating that "you can be a strong defender of any position and not have to disqualify those who think differently. Political criticism has its limit in insult. It should not be forgotten because it is the foundation of political order and social peace. "

This Friday Javier Bardem not only participated in the March for Climate, but also presented at the Climate Summit in Madrid (COP25) the documentary Sanctuary , which the actor has recorded with Greenpeace. Bardem is the protagonist of a campaign of the environmental organization to protect Antarctica. And it was during the presentation of the documentary where the interpreter already resorted to insult to qualify climate change deniers. "He who denies this phenomenon portrays himself with a real stupid . "

Bardem traveled 10 days with Greenpeace to get to know the South Pole and its ecosystem, interacting with penguins, seals, whales and killer whales. The actor also dared to visit the bottom of the ocean in a scientific subamerino and participated in some of the investigations that experts carry out in the place with the aim of making the area a "sanctuary" free from the hand of man.

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