The most expensive was the flight to Sydney (Australia). A passenger from Moscow paid 355 thousand rubles for a round-trip ticket.

In second place is a ticket from Moscow to Tenerife (Spain) for 310 thousand rubles.

A ticket to Dubai (UAE) from Moscow cost 270 thousand rubles. For the same money you can fly to Hong Kong (China).

Closes the five expensive New Year's offers ticket to Los Angeles (USA) for 254 thousand rubles.

Among the train journeys, the most expensive will be a trip from Vladivostok to Moscow on December 30 - a ticket to a luxury carriage cost 43.2 thousand rubles.

A first-class trip on the Sapsan on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg on December 30 cost 20.1 thousand rubles.

And on December 28, a passenger paid 18.7 thousand rubles for a trip from Birobidzhan to Irkutsk in a suite.

On the fourth line is a December 28 railway trip with luxury class from St. Petersburg to Sochi for 16.5 thousand rubles, on the fifth - from Omsk to St. Petersburg for 16.4 thousand rubles.

For the analysis, we used data on the cost of issued tickets with departure dates from Russian cities from December 28 to 31 and returning from January 4 to 12 and train tickets with departure dates from December 28 to 31.

Earlier, destinations with reduced prices for travel in the New Year were named.