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Lisa, 62, recounts how her daughter became a prostitute after a toxic relationship: "Her boyfriend became her guru"


Lisa's daughter is currently a prostitute. Taking advantage of her weakness, her boyfriend and her classmates sequestrated her and pushed her into a prostitution network that her mother is unable to take out. Lisa testifies at the microphone of Europe 1 of her ordeal and that of her daughter.

Lisa's daughter is currently a prostitute. Taking advantage of her weakness, her boyfriend and her classmates sequestrated her and pushed her into a prostitution network that her mother is unable to take out. Lisa testifies at the microphone of Europe 1 of her ordeal and that of her daughter.


Lisa, 62, is a retired woman and a mother of a 29-year-old woman, with whom she has virtually no contact since 2009, the date of the beginning of a toxic relationship with her boyfriend. Taking advantage of his vulnerability, the man and his family sequestered him several years, making him lose all bearings. In 2012, influenced by students at her school, Lisa's daughter is dragged into a prostitution ring in which she is still. In the Free Antenna, Olivier Delacroix's microphone on Europe 1, Lisa tells about the absence of her daughter and the great distress in which the latter lives. Here is his testimony:

"We had my daughter in 1990. Her father left when she was about 4 or 5. He had a new life and he had two other daughters, my daughter was too old, she saw him from time to time. but, as time went on, he changed his behavior, he saw it less and less, I had a very busy job, I worked day and night sometimes more than 20 hours.

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My daughter lacked a little self-confidence, she was psychologically fragile and she suffered from her parents' absence. But she was very surrounded by the friends who came to the house, I made sure that she was not isolated. We lived in the suburbs, it was a bit like a village, she had a lot of girlfriends. So she had a happy childhood.My daughter is very sociable, she has good character but she had no discernment. For her, everyone was handsome and nice, she did not see the bad people. At 18, she was still sucking her thumb and pacifier, she looked like a little girl.

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I did not see my daughter again, her boyfriend's family kept her

Around 13 or 14 years old she began scarifying herself. I put her to a boarding house between the ages of 14 and 16, until 2006. She had a schooling that was about normal but very average. She had to stop in third because I did not find general education institutions to accept it. She had a fairly developed artistic side, so I found her a private photo school, which she integrated between 2006 and 2008. She was starting to regain some confidence.

She had met an older man, who was taking his photo bac. He had graduated and he was not going to class anymore. My daughter redoubled, after having his CAP, to pass the baccalaureate pro photo. Since he was not going to class any more, so she did not go home. I knew it when I received a statement of absence, October 9, 2008. The dates, it marks you for life. She had 8 days of absence unjustified. She told me 'Mom, I promise you I will not do it again'. The next day I call the school, which tells me that my daughter is not in class. I call my daughter who tells me that she will go there. She did not do it. From there, I did not see my daughter again.

Her boyfriend's family kept her. Her boyfriend was a little weird. She lived a platonic love and her boyfriend became a 'guru'.I went to see the vice-principal of the school who called her. I heard my daughter crying on the phone. She was unhappy there. The deputy director asked that my daughter have an interview with me, she said yes, but the family did not let her come. She sent an SMS to her father, who came to see her in the family. And he told them to stop letting her go to school and not let her see me anymore.

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She had turned into Cosette and she was told she had taken her independence

Six days later, the police came to my house to ring with my daughter and her father, and there I was forbidden to talk to my daughter. I was a little roughed up. She took some things, a little bundle, she left and I saw her more. My daughter was pale, she was shaking. She was already destabilized and not well. I went to the police station of my commune, I was told to go to the Inspectorate General of the National Police (IGPN). I was called by telephone in January for a confrontation with the police who had come, but I could not because I was weakened by the story of my daughter. I had lost my footing, I was in a tunnel.

She did not go to school until three or four days a month. On December 2, my daughter was at school, with her boyfriend waiting for her. I was with a friend of mine, whom my daughter knows well and whom she calls uncle. I had to ask his boyfriend for permission to talk to my daughter. We went to a cafe. Aside, she told me, 'You know, I cry every night. Do not tell Dad I saw you because he does not want me to talk to you. I do housework and ironing to provide for my home. I did not choose'.

She had turned into Cosette and was told that she was of age and that she had become independent. In June 2009, I returned to the police station, the gendarmes went to see how my daughter was going but they did not take into account the psychological influence. They put it on the phone and she shouted and said 'I'm going to kill myself'. I had filed a complaint against the family that was blocking my daughter and it was closed.

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My daughter was destroyed, broken, she was already lost

She was banned from the photo school in 2009 because she was not going and the family and her father told her it was my fault. She was re-enrolled in 2010, miraculously, in the digital school, where she passed her baccalaureate pro computer graphics, communication and crafts. My daughter was destroyed, broken, she was already lost. I saw her two or three times at home, always with her boyfriend, I sometimes saw her in other places.

My daughter was enlisted by people from the school. She was kidnapped and enlisted into prostitution networks on the internet, where she is still currently, with an international magazine under cover of advertising and fashion. The day she is a prostitute in a start-up, the night in private places. She disappeared between 2012 and 2016, I did not know where she was. And I had been to see the family who said it was not home. I had complained again. In 2013, I found her on the internet on photos, but I still did not know where she was. I came across it by chance, without these people knowing it. I took a detective and they stashed everything up.

Heard on europe1:


Heard on europe1:

the world consumes it as an object

I ended up finding her in another family, in the same department. It is completely marginalized, everyone consumes it as an object. I know it because I have the pictures, I see the comments of the style: 'whether it is front or back is the same'. My daughter is rarely with the family, and when she is the case she is away. I met her in 2016, skinny as a nail, depressive, violent. She is conditioned. I think she sleeps in the cellar.

She is completely drugged, she is no longer herself. In 2017, my sisters saw her too. They told me: 'she has the mental age of a girl of 6 years'. It is not easy to act because my complaint was filed and especially my daughter is no longer herself. In 2017, they convinced my daughter to lodge a complaint against me. They took a lawyer. I took two detectives, four lawyers, I appealed to associations, nobody could do anything. She is 29 years old today, brainwashed and sequestered. She is more than in danger, she is in danger of death. "

Source: europe1

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