Former President Evo Morales traveled on Friday by surprise from Mexico to Cuba for "a medical consultation," confirmed Gabriela Montaño, former Bolivian Minister of Health. The leader of the Movement To Socialism (MAS), who also remains in exile in the United States, said Morales was going to be treated by the same team of Cuban doctors who took care of his health in previous illnesses.

"We need that, in effect, Morales traveled in the morning (on Friday) to Cuba. He informed us that this is a temporary trip ," the Foreign Ministry of Mexico confirmed. The status of asylum allows the Bolivian president to enter and leave Mexico.

Although he wrote several messages on his social networks throughout the day, the indigenous leader hid his trip to the island , his other major continental ally along with Venezuela.

The transfer to Cuba happens a few hours after the Organization of American States (OAS) published the final report on electoral fraud on October 20, which directly involves Morales's allies within the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

The Aymara leader decided to go into exile in Mexico on November 12 , 48 hours after resigning as president, something unthinkable weeks before. The popular uprising against electoral fraud was joined by the police rebellion, pushed through the streets, the resignation of several direct collaborators of the head of the MAS after knowing the preliminary report of the OAS and the pressure of the military, who "suggested" his termination .

"The coupist right accuses me of electoral fraud, when not even in the OAS report it speaks of fraud, but of irregularities. And the law provides that if there are irregularities, the voting must be repeated at those tables ." ", the indigenous leader complained in his last message on social networks.

Evo has already received attention from Cuban doctors to treat a throat nodule and a deviation of the nasal septum.

Evo's trip also coincides with a week so crucial to know which candidates competing in the general elections of 2020 will be. Also for next Tuesday, Alberto Fernández is inaugurated as the new Argentine president. In Buenos Aires the assistance of Raúl Castro , first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and true strong man of the island, is taken for granted. In the last hours there was speculation in Bolivia with the possibility of Castro and Morales traveling together to Argentina.

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