Gardener Hanna Jurjaks got the idea after her son became sad when the family's Christmas tree was to be thrown.

On the net she found a garden shop that rented fir trees in the USA.

- Then I thought what the hell, we can try this with, says Hanna Jurjaks.

Follow their spruce

That said, for the Christmas season this year there are 30 small fir trees for rent.

After the Christmas celebration, the firs are returned to the garden shop where they are allowed to grow during the year before it is time for the next rental. For those who want to have the opportunity to make sure that you can rent the same fir again the following Christmas.

Can be rented up to six Christmas

The small fir trees are now only 70 centimeters high, but the idea is that they should be rented five to six times.

- Then they will be over two meters high and there we say stop, says Hanna Jurjaks.

What happens to the firs?

- Then you can plan them out in the woods if any landowner is interested in them.

Christmas tree rentals of this kind have been going on in the US, UK and the Netherlands for some years now.