Health Minister Agnès Buzyn reacts on Europe 1 about the challenge in hospitals and makes an announcement.


Working conditions are always at the heart of the demands of emergency and hospital staff. Faced with strong opposition, the government announced an "emergency plan" on 20 November. It proposed, for example, the recovery of one-third of hospital debt over three years, an additional 1.5 billion euros for hospital budgets over three years, or commitment fees in all hospitals. Measures that did not convince professionals, from unions to medical professors. Agnès Buzyn, the Minister of Health and Solidarity, makes an announcement on Europe 1: the total thaw of the setting aside, ie the amount that is reserved each year in case the public hospital would exceed his budget.

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"As I promised, I am announcing the total thaw of 415 million euros for public hospitals, which will be allocated this week."

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