- I don't think the debate will change how voters view party leaders. I think it was a draw, he tells SVT News after the debate.

- It was a decent performance by both party leaders. None of them is a particularly good debater. You always think Boris Johnson should be better than he is and you think Jeremy Corbyn should be a little worse than he is, but here it was pretty even, says Savage.

Corbyn raised Scandinavian socialism

While Johnson focused on Brexit, opposition leader Corbyn wanted to bring the discussion into other issues.

- He wanted to talk in particular about health care and other social issues, and talk about the need for a more socialist society. Among other things, he pointed to Scandinavia as a good example of socialism in the world, says Savage.

James Savage, founder of the news network The Local Photo: The Local

The prime minister did well when he talked about the link between Brexit and the atmosphere in the country, says James Savage.

- People are tired of Brexit, people are angry, it creates an unpleasant atmosphere, not only between politicians but also people in between. Boris Johnson tried to push it, that when we get Brexit done, the bad mood will lift.

Spicy question about lies

It was a little strange when an audience asked the question of what should happen to politicians who lie.

- Johnson has a reputation for not telling the truth all the time, and when asked, he answered a little jokingly that politicians who lie should be forced to kneel in the lower house. And Corbyn succeeded in pushing the issue of the alleged lies in advertisements on the Brexit bus for £ 350 million to the healthcare system, says Savage.

However, he believes that the debate may have been clarifying as both were allowed to speak to the point and that their views were therefore made clear to the audience.