Paris (AFP)

Three journalists were injured Thursday in Paris by shooting at the demonstration against police violence, said several sources

The correspondent of the Turkish Anadolu agency, Mustafa Yalgin, was wounded "by a tear gas grenade launched by the French police" during the Paris demonstration, Anadolu said on his website. The reporter was transported to the hospital on a stretcher, can we see on images broadcast by the Turkish media.

The militant journalist Taha Bouhafs was also wounded in the knee "by a shot on the place of the Republic", he indicated on Twitter, images in support.

"Our reporter @T_Bouhafs was injured in the knee by a shot (which we do not know the nature for the moment)," confirmed his employer, the site there if I'm there. "He was evacuated from the demonstration by the street medics".

Taha Bouhafs was arrested in June while covering a demonstration, attracting the support of the profession.

Twenty journalists had earlier taken part in a short action, organized by his group "Angry Reporters", to denounce the "police violence" against journalists.

The journalist Gaspard Glanz was also injured Thursday on the legs, by "5 fragments of grenade désencclante", he said on Twitter late afternoon. His phone and one of his cameras were damaged.

The journalist, head of the Taranis News website, came to the fore in April after being arrested during a demonstration of "yellow vests", provoking strong reactions.

Gaspard Glanz was fined in mid-November for having given a finger to police officers during the demonstration. He acknowledged at the hearing "an inappropriate gesture", speaking of an "epidermal reaction" after being pushed.

The journalist is among the 300 signatories of a forum published on May 1, denouncing "multiple state violence" and asking the government to take "the necessary measures to stop the police" to "harass" them and let them work "freely".

The unions of the profession and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) also repeatedly denounced attacks on the freedom to inform, after incidents between police and journalists during the demonstrations of "yellow vests".

Emmanuel Macron promised in May that "actions" would be taken to punish deliberate police violence against journalists during this movement.

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