The photos of Cayetano Rivera with another woman in London. WEEK

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Eva González, sentenced to pay 85,000 euros to the Treasury after evading taxes

He had been rumored for days: a famous man would have been hunted with another in an attitude rather than friendly. The rumors have finished feeding them some exclusive photographs that Week has advanced and that show Cayetano Rivera in an affectionate attitude with a woman who is not Eva González . "Cayetano Rivera, with a friend in London," reads the cover of next Wednesday of the magazine of the heart.

"On Monday, November 11, Cayetano Rivera visited a friend who lives in the British capital, with whom she spent a pleasant evening," says Semana . "Before embarking on the trip to Peru, where on November 24 he had to fulfill a bullfighting commitment in Lima, the 42-year-old bullfighter made a trip to London," he says. "The trip came only a few days after he celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary with Eva Gonzalez, which took place on November 6."

The woman is, according to Semana , a friend "of years ago" of the bullfighter who lives in the British capital, and both met in a restaurant in the Westminster neighborhood. In the images, the complicity between Rivera and her friend, who even hugged each other at the door of the premises, is undeniable.

Mediaset lawsuit

After a few days of rumors in Save me about the alleged infidelity in one of the most settled couples of the national hardcover paper, when it had even been revealed that the names of the protagonists began with the C and E, Kiko Matamoros had his identity escaped of the supposed adulterer: Cayetano Rivera .

"This girl and Cayetano are repeat offenders ...", the Sálvame collaborator escaped, to the stupor of her classmates on set. Faced with such revelation, the bullfighter sent a statement on Monday stating that he will "put the matter in the hands of justice and anyone who collaborates in the dissemination of the said speculations."

The situation, "very painful" for Rivera and his family, has reached its peak, and the right-handed man threatens a lawsuit to any program of the Mediaset group that echoes those "comments regarding infidelity, disloyalty and betrayal" .

Cayetano Rivera full statement

"Given the serious speculation poured out on me, damaging my honor, my image and causing profound damage to my family, I want to make the following considerations:

Since last Thursday, November 28, in the Mediaset Save Me program, comments have been made about me about an infidelity, disloyalty and betrayal in my marriage based on some supposed photographs. On Friday, November 29, collaborator Kiko Matamoros pronounces my name after two programs speculating with my image, my honor and creating a very painful situation for my family, my wife and my son, a minor.

Situation that has been echoed by the rest of the group's programs, Viva la vida and Socialité, among others.

Faced with this situation that undermines my fundamental rights, I inform of my firm intention to put the matter in the hands of justice and anyone who collaborates in the dissemination of the said speculations "

According to the criteria of

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